Piper and the Loungefly Mini Mouse Backpack – AN UNBOXING

Created By: Sean Piper
Posted On: March 12, 2019
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Piper just can’t keep his mouth shut, can he? What started out as one man being cocky about his cool factor has escalated into one of the funniest pranks a community could play on one lowly host. We present to you the LoungeFly Challenge!

Some time ago, a comment was made on the Pop Collectors Alliance podcast that Piper would wear any backpack that the PCA Patrons would purchase for him. Where would he wear this backpack you might ask? To every convention that is attended by the Pop Collectors Alliance for an entire year of course.

The backpack is finally here and it will definitely stand out. We present you the LoungeFly Mini Mouse backpack. It’s not normal backpack, this is a Disney parks exclusive pink glitter and sequin abomination. ENJOY!

Sean Piper

Sean Piper

I am the Technical Editor of Pop Collectors Alliance and co-host of the Pop Collectors Alliance Podcast. I am the keeper of this fine website. Some call me Captain Strong Beard, others know me by my lack of general ability to interact with the public.
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