BimToy Chanpu Chanpu Unboxing

Created By: Sean Piper
Posted On: August 23, 2019
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Here at the Pop Collectors Alliance we love mysteries, secrets, and legends. We open with the great legend of the Chanpu Chanpu. These cute little 3″ mystery mini shark figures are amazing. If you are looking to pick these up, keep an eye out at the larger comic book conventions at the Fugitive Toys booth.

Inside this box you will find an assortment of Chanpu Chanpu including a zombie shark, a melting shark, a black metal shark, a submarine shark, and more. These cuddly plastic sharks are a 1:12 chance so you are guarenteed to get all of the basic sharks in a standard box.

There are also 2 Chanpu Chanpu that are much harder to find. These are the rare chrome shark and the super rare golden shark. If you happen to land one of the rare sharks you will not be getting the black metal shark. SAD FACE.

Take a look at what sharks we ended up with.



Sean Piper

Sean Piper

I am the Technical Editor of Pop Collectors Alliance and co-host of the Pop Collectors Alliance Podcast. I am the keeper of this fine website. Some call me Captain Strong Beard, others know me by my lack of general ability to interact with the public.
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