Funko WWEmystery box Unboxing Image

Unboxing WWE Funko Mystery Box

Piper picks up a Fugitive Toys WWE Funko Pop! mystery box. The box included 6 Pop! for a ridiculous price. Does Piper’s luck continue? Or …

NYCC 2018 Wave 1 - DC Comics

This Is NYCC 2018 (Part 1)

Piper and Rick document their voyage to NYCC 2018. Let’s start the adventure to the east coast mecca of comic book and fandom celebration.

Princess and the frog Dr Facilier Chase Funko Pop
Chase Hunt

THE CHASE HUNT – Does Dr. Facilier Even Glow?

We ordered 4 Dr. Facilier Funko Pop! from Box Lunch in hopes of getting at least 1 chase. Piper is usually a lucky son of a gun, but can he keep his streak alive?

Chase Hunt

THE CHASE HUNT – Looking for Hades

After an incredibly long wait, possible cancelled orders, and a stroke of bad luck, Piper finally gets his Hot Topic order of Hades Funko Pop! …

Piper's Pick-Ups

Target Updates Rules

Quick pick-up video plus an update on Target’s rules. Target is changing how they sell their exclusive Funko Pop! on release days.

Piper's Pick-Ups

Piper’s Pick-ups: Simply Toys Exclusive GITD Thor Unboxing

After the longest wait, a special present arrives from Asia. What could it be? Ok, the title says what it is but pretend to be …

Piper's Pick-Ups

Piper’s Pick-ups: Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble Finds

Check out some of Piper’s random finds from Barnes and Noble and Hot Topic.

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