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Unboxing Original Mon, WWE Elite, and Cute But Deadly

Sean Piper
August 30, 2019

Piper opens a few surprises as we go on another trip down the “what did I order” rabbit hole. This time it’s an awesome WWE Elite figure, Original MON, and a Cute But Deadly surprise. We try our very best to keep up with all the things that come to us but it’s honestly an impossible task some months.


WWE Elite Macho Man Randy Savage Slim Jim Version

I am not personally a huge WWE action figure collector. My WWE collection is pretty much limited to t-shirts and WWE Funko Pop figures. This all had to change when I saw this Macho Man.

Everything about this figure screams childhood wrestling. It comes in an amazing package that you open just like a gas station Slim Jim sales box. The figure is incredibly detailed and realistic. If you are a wrestling fan or even just a 90’s nostalgia fan this is a must have item for you.

Original Mon and Dark Mon

Original Mon is a brand new company that produces the cutest little monsters in both vinyl toy form as well as collectible enamel pins

If you have never heard of these little monsters or you you should go check them out immediately. Each item they produce is limited, but as of publishing this, when they release they are new enough that they are obtainable.

The quality on the Original Mon are very high and look great both in and out of their box.

Colossal Cute but Deadly Arthas

I am personally a huge Blizzard fan. I have a massive collection of everything Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, and other random Blizzard merch.

When I found out that Blizzard was putting out 8-inch versions of a few Cute But Deadly figures I was ready for the hunt. Unwilling to pay the full price tag it took me some time to find one but when I did oh man was it worth it.

We will be releasing a full unboxing video of the Colossal Cute but Deadly Arthas but until them just keep in mind that this item does not disappoint especially for the die hard World of Warcraft fan.

**Note: since the video has released Entertainment Earth has started stocking the 8″ Arthas and is selling them at standard retail – $44.99

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