Funko Funkast Recap EP 98

Here’s a complete recap for the Funko Funkast Episode 98. Released 1/15/2019.

Written By Ricky

January 24, 2019

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Here’s a complete recap for the Funko Funkast Episode 98. Released 1/15/2019.

Funkast Blast!

  • The Funkast has a wheel and they know how to use it
  • Dima has crabs pinching his bubble toes at SDCC
  • Ashely would spend all her money on Nike MAG Back To the Future (2016) looking so McFly
  • Dima wants a Celebrity Death Match Pop! line. Also Celebrity Death Match may be returning.
  • If the team could build a theme park ride it would be Beetlejuice, Poltergeist, General Horror Escape room themed
  • Hillary would like to see some Cuphead Christmas themed Pop!
  • Cameron wants a Holiday Breath of the Wild
  • Ashley would like to see Red Dead Redemption 2 Holiday Line
  • Dima….. Mortal Kombat Holiday Line
  • Sully wants a Spider-man Holiday Line

What would your Senior Quote be?:

  • Cameron – None
  • Ashley – None
  • Dima – Well this was some three year ***@! (High School is 4 Years)
  • Sully enters with Gladiator Quote “What you do in Life Echoes Through Eternity…..
  • Hillary went with inside jokes with her friends and her parents took an entire page ad for her.

Women of Power  V 2.0

  • Ashley – Lady Gaga
  • Dima – Valentina Tereshkov – First woman in space
  • Sully – Ellen DeGeneres
  • Hillary – J.K. Rowlings
  • Cameron – Mary Shelley

Funko Funkast 100

  • Come and be merry on Jan 27th Everett Theater
  • Hillary will do the funky knee dance
  • Send videos to the team saying thanks, congratulating them, tickets are available
  • Doors Open at 4PM – Please don’t get in line until 2PM – Yeah Right lol

IN THE YEAR 2000…. I mean 98’

  • The only thing that matters is The Big Lebowski


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