Episode 9 – Toys R Us is Closing

Sadness in front of a flaming toys r us

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Is this the end for Toys “R” Us or the beginning of a new chapter in the ever-evolving market of toys. This episode the team discusses what the Toys R Us closing means for Pop! collectors and give TONS of announcements about the bright future ahead for the Pop Collectors Alliance community. They thank the community for their continued support and all the positive feedback received and end this episode with a look ahead at some awesome Funko releases.

The Alliance is Growing and the Bright Future Ahead

Now as everyone who listens to the show knows the Alliance has surpassed 1.5k followers on Facebook. Due to this exponential growth, we discussed better ways to help the alliance, how to do it on a larger scale, and accomplish our goal of serving the Pop! collecting community. Because of this over the next few weeks, we will be announcing our ramp up and expansion. If you are not members or followers yet you will want to join ASAP (and tell your friends and family too). Big things are on the horizon and here is what to look forward to:

Pop! Swap Events:

Events geared to bring collectors together, find items they are looking for while expanding the Alliance and just having a GREAT time getting to know each other.

Patreon Page: 

We know it feels weird if people ask for money from their subscribers but this is geared to give back to the community. We will inform everyone our our income and what we put back into the community. Transparency is the word here. This Patreon Page will be UNIQUE and unlike most podcasts out there. It is developed to SERVE the community and give back to all the fans.

Pop Collectors Alliance SDCC 2018 Excursion:

We are in the early stages of putting this event together for a select number of fans but it will be an awesome opportunity to visit San Diego Comic Con 2018. A place where if you collect Pop! you won’t require a ticket for SDCC because there are so many opportunities to get great items there. We want to spend time with our fans and share our passion for collecting together. Email us today to get on board early: [email protected], but more details to come shortly.

So much excitement when we look to the future and we are truly grateful to have such amazing fans along for this journey. Remember when you are part of the Pop Collectors Alliance you are always in the NO FLIP ZONE!!!!!

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