Episiode 4 – Funko has a QUEge Problem

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Welcome back Alliance members, in this week’s episode the team discusses The Funko Shop’s apparent queue problem and offer their solution to the problem. They also discuss their recent unboxing video where Piper unboxed a mountain of Pop! he ordered over the past six months.  They finish everything off with the much anticipated Finders Series Vol 3: Walmart, Collector’s Story of the Week and the Collector’s Corner. Please note the first LIVE Cost Plus Shipping event is scheduled for NEXT Sunday @ 6:00 PM CST. Be sure to mark your calendars.

Finder’s Series Vol 3: Walmart  

Overview and Rating

  • Disclaimer – When we rate these stores they are out of our experiences, our friends and people we see online in the groups where we are members. We are not painting an opinion with broad strokes just from what we have experienced.


  • Walmart has some of the fastest store to door shipping out there. Primarily pushed by Amazon they have taken the necessary steps to compete.
  • Exclusives tend to be above average, some are rarer pieces that are highly desired. Especially their blind box mystery minis and pintsize heroes exclusives.
  • Brickseek is accurate and inventory is typically spot on. This can also produce negative results because people know when it’s there and how many there are.
  • Online sales layout is great due to both the deals and availability of a product.


  • Damage, Damage, Damage, Damage. Everything we said from the Target series applies here but to an exponentially larger level.
  • Shelf location is terrible and most Walmart stores vary. Items can often be located throughout the store.
  • Selection and quantities are typically lower than other retailers. Maybe this is due to Walmart is not sold on the Funko product or margins aren’t high enough.
  • YOU NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER know when a product is releasing.


  • Walmart doesn’t understand Funko, doesn’t care about Funko, and more importantly doesn’t market the product. They get style points for exclusives, fast delivery and great tracking with Brickseek. All is quickly forgotten though with limited shelf space, multiple layouts, and employees that almost always say (what’s a Funko?). Walmart rightfully earns a score of 4 out of 10.

Walmart: Where to Find Them

  • Store layouts vary but generally, they are located in the same areas at the back of the store.
    • Not a ton of information here, around 90% of Walmart stores place their Pop! in the toy sections. This can be located on the end cap or on the shelf near the action figures in the toy section.
    • Occasionally they will feature Pop! on a display or place them at the front of the store near the Card / Collector section.

Walmart: Hunting Tips

  • Hunting Tip 1: Always check the front of every Walmart store before you head to the toy section. A few Walmarts in where we are from will place exclusives, mystery minis, or plushies up front in the Card Collectors section. We have even found vaulted Pop! located here because people have forgotten about it.
  • Hunting Tip 2: Placeholders, Placeholders, and Placeholders. The best way to purchase a Walmart exclusive Pop! is through their online store. Be sure to join Funko groups on Facebook that will assist you in your search for Placeholders. This will give you the link to the product ahead of time so that you are READY when it goes live. As always follow the Pop! Collectors Alliance page to get updated links, placeholders and LIVE notices.
  • Hunting Tip 3: Clearance. Walmart does an awesome job of pushing products out of their inventory and Pop! is no different in this case. You can almost always find Pop! in the clearance section. Just ask an associate where it’s located and dive in.
  • EXPERT HUNTING TIP: Be a night owl. Walmart focuses on restocking from the hours of 10pm to 6am. Most of the time they have their restock sitting in the isles on pallets around 9 – 10pm do a little late night shopping and check out the labels on the boxes in the shipment. Sometimes you can snag an exclusive before it hits the shelf!!!

Walmart: Where are the Deals

  • Like we mentioned earlier Walmart does an excellent job on pricing Pop! to move. Not only can you find amazing deals in store via the clearance section, but Walmart offers great prices online as well. They are trying to stay competitive with Amazon and offer a ton of add-ons below list price.

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