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Episode 12 – Follow the Emerald Brick Road to ECCC

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Pop Collectors Alliance and the team is here to discuss everything Emerald City Comic Con ECCC. They review their weekly pickups, a special fan edition of weekly pickups, discuss some awesome announcements, talk about the PCA Patreon page opening on Feb. 24th 2016, and wrap everything up with a ECCC Pop! Exclusives Review. If you are interested in meeting up with Rick at ECCC please email us [email protected]

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Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Review

Rick Received a Golden (Emerald) Ticket to the Funko Booth!!!!!! He will be there Saturday @ 1 PM come on and join for the fun.

What is Our Favorite Pop!:

  • Piper: Giant Wight, Bigfoot HQ Edition
  • Rick: Emerald Chrome Batman

Least Favorite Pop!

  • Piper: Saga – Mourning Prince Robot IV
  • Rick: 8 Bit Barb

Projected Most Collectable

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  • Piper and Rick: 1st – Emerald Chrome Batman , 2nd – Bigfoot HQ Edition

Favorite Shared Exclusive:

  • Piper: Yondu
  • Rick: Cuphead – Cagney Carnation

Let us know your favorites!!!!

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