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Episode 28 – How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop!

This week Rick and Piper are back to share a story of how Rick was almost convinced he had a Fake Funko Pop! Luckily he leaned on the awesome Funko community to verify he had the real deal. They took this opportunity to help collectors spot a fake mainly because they are beginning to “pop” up everywhere. They also cover a ton of announcements, the status of the Funko collecting community, some storage war rants and upcoming releases and leaks. Be sure to tune in next week as we lead up to the SDCC LATE NIGHT RELEASE SUPER FUN TIME POP COLLECTORS ALLIANCE PARTY!!!!!!!


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How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop!

  • Where / Who Are you purchasing from:
    • Is the Seller in China on eBay? – If so RUN!
    • Does the person have reputable feedbacks in the groups / site you are buying from? – Always use reviews, feedback, customer reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and friends experiences to verify an individual or business.
  • Look at the Images:
    • Avoid Stock Photos
    • If not listed, request images of all sides of the box. This not only validates condition but helps with authenticity.
      • Verify item number on the bottom of the box
      • Ensure the Pop matches the artwork on the box.
      • Look at the fonts on the box, fakes often have different fonts on the UPC codes, and other wording on the bottom of the box
    • Ask for images of the figures feet and look for:
      • An item number stamped on them
      • Funko LLC and Made in X (This is not always the case but most have these markings)
      • Newer models will match the number on the bottom of the box
      • Unfinished paint could indicate a fake but remember older Pop! didn’t have the greatest paint jobs
    • Always remember when In doubt phone a friend.
      • Use Facebook groups, attach images and ask a crowd. In most cases, someone will own the Pop! you are inquiring about and assist.
      • If you know a friend who as the pop ask them to send you photos
      • Use Reddit or the Funko Funatic boards. Tons of collectors are always willing to assist.

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