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Episode 20 – How to Use eBay to Buy Pops

Pop Collectors Alliance Podcast Episode 20 - How to use Ebay

This week Rick and Piper continue the Novice Series by explaining the best way to bolster your Pop! collection using eBay. They also discuss their weekly pickups, give another shout out to the audience for reaching 5,000 followers, another rant about Hot Topics Policy, The Novice Series Vol 3: Riding the eBay Wave to the Pop Promise Land and end with the Hunting Tip of the Week. Join them next week when they continue the Novice Series Vol 4: Navigating Facebook to Build your Collection.


Earlier this week we told you guys we were rapidly approaching 5K followers. We have since reached that goal and want to say thank you!!!! As we said last week we are excited to see this community grow and all the positive feedback we’ve received. Raise your glasses to 10K.


Texas Frightmare Weekend is right around the corner May 4-6 and if you’ve never been your are missing out on an awesome time. The guest lineup this year is incredible and there are going to be some fantastic panels and screenings. The Pop Collectors Alliance and other AstroPanda Podcasts will be in attendance talking to fans, grabbing photos of some of the world’s best cosplay, and of course getting some autographs. You can find out more about everything here at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Pops for Tots! Cooks Children Hospital Fort Worth Funko Pop Drive. Send donations to our PO box or donate via the website, all money will be used to purchase items to help out kids that are going through a rough time. Donations close on June 10th. Mail Donations to:

Pop Collectors Alliance PO Box 150490 Fort Worth, Texas 76108

Live Pop Swap!!!!! The First Ever!!!!

Pop Collectors Alliance Presents a LIVE Pop Swap Event!!!

Saturday June 9th, 2018 2 – 8 PM at Keller Pointe

405 Rufe Snow Dr, Keller, TX 76248

Swappers:  Tables are $10 each (with a 2 table max)

Admission: $5 Per Adult, Kids under 12 are FREE (Your $5 Admission comes with Raffle tickets)

Tons of Games and Raffles, Arcade, Food and an all around good time.

Make this event a historic moment in the Pop Collectors Alliance history!

Swappers interested in tables contact Tiffany @ [email protected]

New Schedule

Streams will happen on Tuesdays or Sundays, and all late night releases. Forever Funko Forever Target Fridays

YouTube Videos 1 per week

Podcasts 1 Per Week

Weekly Articles on the website.

Pop Collectors Alliance Elite Brand Ambassadors Program is Coming Soon

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Novice Series Volume 3: Riding the eBay Wave to Pop Success

eBay: We buy there, sometimes sell there, hell It’s a flippers paradise!!! But how do you navigate this terrain to build your collection for as cheap as possible.


Not many people know this but eBay runs specials where you can get 10,15,20 and sometime 25+% off of eBay items. (Good to know those fees are going somewhere).

  • These are generally posted on the main page and used as a coupon code on your order. Jump on these because 10% with free shipping is a steal especially if you can eliminate the risk of getting scammed.
  • Start of the seasons and holidays are the best time to find these deals however you may stumble upon a random coupon code ever now and then.
  • Subscribe to the eBay newsletter to get additional coupons for your benefit.

Beware of the Incredibly GREAT Prices and Counterfeit Pop!

General rule of thumb here if a price is too good to be true then it is. You may see that vaulted pop for $50 under PPG, Stashpedia, but more than likely it’s coming from china where they just faked every bit of it.

  • Review the country of origin to see if it is China, most items that are shipped from there are fake pop. They charge a small amount get their money and ship it to you while you are scratching your head.
  • Look for real pictures of the pop that clearly details the condition, and prove authenticity, but still not 100%.
  • Also if you are very concerned about a fake, ask them to show you the bottom of the pop to see the Funko company markings.
  • Make sure the pop matches the box images, Iron Patriot and other Ironmen were faked and the details on the suits did not match the box images.
  • Look at the boxes, the Martian Man hunter was faked and his box had distinct characteristics identifying the counterfeit piece.

Negotiate Even When there is no best offer

Sometimes eBay sucks and where it sucks the most is Fees, I understand they need to charge fees to exist, this leads to raising the price floor. Most sellers incorporate that +or- 12.9% fee into the price of their pops.  This doesn’t mean you can’t contact someone who has something for sale without an or best offer in there.

  • Use our rating guide from Novice series here to negotiate….. Especially if they have images of the pop attached as a rule every seller should take photos from every side of the pop and focus in on any damages.
  • Again it never hurts to ask here….. Remember set the ceiling and lower the offer to meet that goal.

Check Ratings and Reviews

Much like buying anything else ratings and reviews will give you the insight you need to tell if the seller is going to cradle your pop like a baby, or play soccer in their front yard before they through it in the mail box.

  • Also check what other items the seller may have listed. If they have other pop and good ratings it’s likely they know what they are dealing with and will take adequate care of your pop as opposed to buying something from Jim’s Car Sales EBAY extreme.
  • Never be afraid to reach out to your seller to let them know how you would like pop packaged and that you are a collector that cares about a safe and secure delivery.

Using Auctions to Buy Grails

Much as anything else on eBay auctions are a unique way you can grab a steal of a deal on a grail you have been searching for.

  • Always remember to “watch” auctions or items you are interested in. Even items listed as Buy it Now may decrease in price if the seller needs to get the product out the door.
    • Especially someone who has relisted something multiple times they may be ready to hear your offer.
  • If you are serious about something know your ceiling and enter it in when you bid. This can help to avoid those last minute bidders that want to slide in and steal an item at the last minute.
  • Look for auctions that are directly after something sells for the highest price it has sold for. Generally after a pop sells for a high amount the remaining pops trend a little lower than that. Use this to your advantage. Additionally don’t put a pop up for auction if it just sold for a TON!!! You will lose money on this

Hunting Tip of the Week


If UPCs aren’t publicly shared or you can’t locate one when you are asking an employee to search for something for you USE EBAY.

  • Most sellers take photos of the bottom of pop boxes which contain the UPC……

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