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Episode 18 – May the Funko be with You

Darth Vader for Force Day with Funko Pop logo behind

On this episode the team covers Force Friday and Funko while trying to stay awake because it was a LATE recording session. They also discuss their weekly pickups, crazy Nintendo things, what happened at Fan Expo Dallas and how hard it is to be a vendor at a convention.  They end everything with The Novice Series Volume 3: Finding Pop in Non-Conventional Ways with a TON of great information. Sometimes the best pop you can find might not be in a store at all. Listen and tell us what you think!


If you stopped by at Fan Expo Dallas it was awesome to meet you, if not see you next time.

Texas Frightmare Weekend is right around the corner April 4-6 and if you’ve never been your are missing out on an awesome time. The guest lineup this year is incredible and there are going to be some fantastic panels and screenings. The Pop Collectors Alliance and other AstroPanda Podcasts will be in attendance talking to fans, grabbing photos of some of the world’s best cosplay, and of course getting some autographs. You can find out more about everything here at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Live Pop Swap and Cost Plus Shipping event in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area in May / June an announcement is coming soon.

We will be at Fan Expo Dallas come and discover more about the Pop Collectors Alliance and AstroPanda Productions. We will have some great prizes and Pop!

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