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Episode 13 – Playing Catch-Up with Funko News

This week the team plays catch-up with all the news surrounding Funko this week. They discuss the possibility of 200 more Toy R Us stores closing while executives get retention bonuses, the HUGE Funko product release announcement last week, and Funko’s Award Win. Then close everything with a movement that is gaining steam, review of the upcoming Funko product releases and a Q&A with the Alliance Audience.

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Funko News for this Week:

Toys R Us to Close 200 More stores…. were even given the okay to pay executives bonuses if they hit holiday targets for $16million up to $32million.

  • Received $8.2 million in retention bonuses right before the bankruptcy.
  • They lost $330 million in the first half of 2017 and $1.8 billion since it last reported profits 5 YEARS AGO.

Were people using Bots to Purchase all of the Zamasu, Stan Lee, Mad Max, and Black Panther Walmart Exclusive Pop!

Congrats Funko on Winning the Peoples Choice Award at Toy Fair 2018 for Mystery Minis

NYCC Toy Fair 2018 Review:

What is Our Favorite Pop! Line:

  • Piper: Overwatch
  • Rick: Saturday Night Live

Least Favorite Pop! Line:

  • Piper: Grease / Coming to America
  • Rick: A Wrinkle In Time

Projected Most Collectable Line:

  • Piper: Game of Thrones
  • Rick: Pee Wee’s Playhouse – Maybe some SDCC Releases

Favorite Shared Exclusive / Chase:

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Piper and Rick: IT Chases

Let us know your favorites!!!!

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