Episode 6 – Funko and PEZ, a Match Made in Heaven and Pop Grails?

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Welcome back Alliance members, on this week’s episode Rick and Piper discuss Funko and PEZ teaming up to bring a brand new line of Funko themed PEZ dispensers and other products, a Gibson lawsuit, and how Chris Hardwick turns a bad situation around for everyone. They set aside the Finders Series this week to have an in depth discussion on finding GRAILS! If you are looking for grails out there and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere this is the episode for you.


Everyone is on the search for Pop grails, looking for that one item you are dying to get your hands on. Most people refer to these Pops as grails. For most that means a hard to find and reasonably expensive Pop!, but not for everyone.

Disclaimer: A “Grail” is defined differently for everyone. We tried to narrow them down to the following four categories.

Grail Categories

Entry Level Grails – Hard to find, recently vaulted, limited exclusives often ranging from $40-$70.

Non-Common Grails – Very Difficult to find, vaulted for a fair amount of time and popular items. Price here typically ranges $70 – $150.

Super Grails – Almost impossible to locate in person, vaulted with limited quantities (the early days of Funko), convention exclusives and almost always limited edition runs. Prices range from $150 -$500.

Holy Grails – IMPOSSIBLE to locate in person, always vaulted with limited quantities (Mostly Convention or Funko Fundays Exclusives like Freddy Funko). Prices range from $500 – over $10,000.

Where to Find Grails.

A general rule of thumb when locating grails is get ahead of the grails. Look at releases at an upcoming conventions, if you are able to attend, getting in line is the way to get the grails for the best price. However, if you don’t want to spend your entire convention standing in line for a few collectables there is a decent solution. Generally people who purchase items at these conventions aren’t collectors and are selling. This is the best time to purchase these items because Flippers don’t actually know what the price will settle at. We recommend that you download these following apps and be on the prowl throughout the entire convention:

Let Go

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Offer Up


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