SDCC 2019 Funko Exclusives

We have compiled all of the SDCC 2019 shared exclusives on one single page to simplify your buying process. If you would prefer a shorter and easier to read list with no images, you can click here. Exclusives will be going live between 7/17/19 and 7/18/19. 

Hot Topic

Red Chrome Vegeta Placeholder Link

Red Chrome Vegeta

Funko Pop The Hunchback of Notre-Dame - Quasimodo placeholder link


Funko Pop Mr Pricklepants placeholder link


Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Box Lunch

Funko Pop Carl and Ellie Up placeholder link

Carl and Ellie

Funko Pop Moana on Boat placeholder link

Moana on Boat

Funko Pop Forrest Gump placeholder link

Forrest Gump

Funko Pop Rita Skeeter placeholder link

Rita Skeeter

Funko Pop Astronaut Snoopy placeholder link

Astronaut Snoopy

Funko Pop Gold Demogorgon placeholder pop

Gold Demogorgon


Funko Pop Summer McCree placeholder link

Summer McCree

Funko Pop Starship Troopers Rico placeholder link

Starship Trooper Rico

Funko Pop Minn-Erva placeholder link



Funko Pop Scott Howard placeholder link


Funko Pop Derek Zoolander Merman placeholder link

Derek Zoolander


Funko Pop Dark Cauldron - Taran & Horned King 2 Pack placeholder link

Taron & Horned King

Funko Pop Green Chrome Boba Fett placeholder link

Green Chrome Boba Fett


Rick and Morty 2 pack

Funko Pop Chrome Green Yoda placeholder link

Chrome Green Yoda