SDCC 2018 Shared Exclusives

Keep track of every Comicon exclusive that
will be online and in store on July 19.


Amazon Thor Electricity SDCC 2018
Odin Force Thor (GITD)
Amazon Edna Jack-Jack SDCC 2018
Edna Jack-Jack
Amazon Solo Stormtrooper SDCC 2018
Amazon Jessica Jones Rock Candy Figure
Jessica Jones

Barnes and Noble

Classic Ant-Man
Pain & Panic
Barnes and Noble Nearless Headless Nick GITD SDCC2018 Harry Potter
Nearly Headless Nick (GITD)
Barnes and Noble exclusive Stranger Things Billy and Karen 2 pack SDCC
Billy & Karen Wheeler
Barnes and Noble Steve with Bandana Dorbz Stranger Things SDCC
Steve with Bandana Dorbz
Barnes and Noble Game of Thrones Dragon Dorbz 4 pack SDCC
GoT Dragons 4 Pack

Box Lunch

Moana Neon Tamatoa SDCC 2018
Neon Tamatoa (GITD)
Box Lunch Flash Justice League Running SDCC 2018
Running Flash (Translucent)
Organization 13 Unhooded Mickey SDCC 2018
Unhooded Org 13 Mickey
Box Lunch Margot & Richie SDCC 2018
Margot & Richie

Toy Tokyo

Toy Tokyo Gold SS Vegeta SDCC2018
Super Saiyan Vegeta

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth Hellbox in Suit SDCC 2018
Hell Boy in Suit



FYE Skeeter Valentine SDCC 2018
Skeeter Valentine

Funko Shop

Funko Shop Chrome Flash 3-pack
Chrome Flash 3-Pack
Funko Shop Matthew Patel and Demon Chick
Matthew Patel and Demon Chick
Funko Shop Taika Waititi SDCC 2018
Taika Waititi
Funko Shop Cheerleader Deadpool SDCC 2018
Cheerleader Deadpool


Walmart Killer Moth Teen Titans Go SDCC 2018
Killer Moth


GameStop Sweeper Bot Destiny 2 SDCC 2018
Sweeper bot
GameStop Soldier 76 Grillmaster 76 Overwatch SDCC 2018
Soldier 76 (Grillmaster 76)
GameStop Classic Iron Man SDCC 2018
Classic Iron Man
GameStop Captain America and Red Skull Dorbz SDCC 2018
Captain America and Red Skull Dorbz

Hot Topic

Hot Topic Cade Bane Star Wars SDCC 2018
Cad Bane
Hot Topic Ghus in Pajamas Saga SDCC 2018
Ghus in Pajamas (Flocked)
Hot Topic Scott Pilgrim Vynl SDCC 2018
Scott & Ramona Vynl
Hot Topic Black Lady Sailor Moon SDCC 2018
Black Lady
Dead Yamcha
Hot Topic Super Saiyan Broly SDCC 2018
Super Saiyan Broly
Hot Topic Valkyrie Thor Ragnarok SDCC 2018
Fix-It Felix SDCC 2018
Fix-It Felix
Wreck-It Ralph SDCC 2018 exclusive
Wreck-It Ralph
Hot Topic Moaning Myrtel Harry Potter SDCC
Nearly Headless Nick (GITD)