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Pele and Barker Bird POP! 2-Pack is ONLINE

Pele and Barker Bird POP! Enchanted Tiki Room Park Exclusive

Earlier this month Disney announced that they would be releasing a limited edition Funko Pop! 2-pack that would only be available in their parks. This is the part where everyone got super sad and wanted to cry. Early on June 26th, 2018 a URL leaked in the Shop Disney app and on the Shop Disney website for the Enchanted Tiki Room: Pele & Barker Parrot. Could this mean that this (supposedly) exclusive Pop! would be available for the public?

Pele and Barker Bird POP! Vinyl Figure Set by Funko - Limited Release

Tick-tock, the clock strikes 2:34AM CST, and the Pele & Barker Parrot is available online. The strangest thing though, you have to use a very specific URL to be able to purchase the item. This is the link:

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We are still unsure why you can’t use the app, and why the normal shop URL doesn’t work. Oh well, this is more than likely going to sell out quickly, so move quickly. If it’s not available when you check, there could be a restock so bookmark and keep checking.

Happy hunting and good look fellow Funatics!

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