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NYCC 2018 – Garbage Pale Kids

Wave 3 of the New York Comicon Funko releases have been let out of the bag and it’s a strange one, Garbage Pale Kids. I am not sure if anybody really wanted this but oh well. There were already 2 Adam Bombs released (regular and a GITD chase) so why not one more.

Adam Bomb Toy Tokyo NYCC 2018 shared exclusive Garbage Pale Kids

Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb is an incredibly recognizable character from the Garbage Pale Kids, and it’s a very popular niche line for all of those 80’s kids. This variant will be metallic and who doesn’t like metallic Pops. This will be a shared exclusive with Toy Tokyo with a limited number of 3,000). Expect this to be released only at NYCC 2018 with the possibility of a limited release on

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