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May 2019 Hot Topic Releases with Placeholders

Check out these highly anticipated Funko Pop! releases from Hot Topic for May 2019.

Toy Fair The Incredibles 5 Star

London Toy Fair: The Incredibles 5 Star

The Incredibles Funko 5 Star figures revealed at Toy Fair London 2019.

London Toy Fair: Batman

London Toy Fair: Batman

Toy Fair London Batman products have been announced and here they are!

Disney Treasures Spoiler Alert - Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch Disney Treasures Box

Have you been waiting patiently for the latest Hot Topic Disney Treasures box? Here are the official photos of the contents of the box. We …

Hanna-Barbera NYCC 2018 Shared Exclusives

NYCC 2018 Wave 5 – Hanna-Barbera

Wave 5 is full of classic cartoon characters in the form of Vynl, Pops, and a LE 1,000 item.

NYCC 2018 Marvel Shared Exclusives

NYCC 2018 Wave 4 – Marvel

Wave 4 is a huge offering of Marvel Pops and a Dorbz.

NYCC 2018 shared exclusive Star Wars Clone Wars

NYCC 2018 Wave 3 – Star Wars

New York Comicon 2018 is only getting a single Star Wars Pop!? At least it’s Captain Rex.


NYCC 2018 – Garbage Pale Kids

Toy Tokyo is getting a metallic Adam Bomb LE3000 from Garbage Pale Kids.

NYCC 2018 Funko Shared Exclusive Video Games: Reinhardt and Assaultron

NYCC 2018 Wave 2 – Games

A spooky ghost knight and a dangerous robot.

NYCC 2018 Wave 1 - DC Comics

NYCC 2018 Wave 1 – DC Comics

Funko is dropping a lot of DC Comics products for NYCC 2018. Wave 1 is your DC fix.

Funko announces twinkie the kid ad icon Pop!

New Product: Twinkie the Kid Funko Pop! w/ Chase Variant

Today Funko has officially announced the next product in the Ad Icons line with the release of Twinkie the Kid, the Hostess Twinkies mascot. Twinkie …

Pele and Barker Bird POP! Enchanted Tiki Room Park Exclusive

Pele and Barker Bird POP! 2-Pack is ONLINE

Enchanted Tiki Room: Pele & Barker Parrot. Could this mean that this (supposedly) exclusive Pop! would be available for the public? It’s true, it’s so true.


Emerald City Comicon Wave 5: TV

Emerald City Comicon wave 5 is all about your favorite television shows. In this wave we have Game of Thrones, Dr Who, and Stranger things.


Emerald City Comicon Wave 4: Rick and Morty

Emerald City Comicon wave 4 is Rick and Morty, just Rick and Morty and that is all. So what insanity is Funko giving us? How …


Emerald City Comicon Wave 3: Disney

Funko keeps throwing all the things at us today. Emerald City Comicon wave 3 is all about Disney. Moana, Toy Story, and a backpack were …


Emerald City Comicon Wave 2: Star Wars

Emerald City Comicon Wave 2 is throwing everyone a bucket full of Star Wars love. Do you need to grab a backpack, a plush, or …

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