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A Pop Collectors Alliance Transformation Overview

A Pop Collectors Alliance Transformation Overview. update everyone on what the Pop Collectors Alliance transformation means for our Patrons, listeners and followers. blog 3 ricky steelman.Conceptual image of business and personal development

Today I’d like to update everyone on what the Pop Collectors Alliance transformation overview means for our Patrons, listeners, and followers. If you’ve followed the PCA over the last three years you know we struggled to produce content regularly and let the community down on several occasions. This is primarily due to our jobs, weird schedules, and travel. Attempting to manage a platform part-time often creates scheduling issues.

The PCA management team met at the end of 2020 and decided to transform, overhaul, and shift the way we produce content. We then made the decision to shift to a FULL-TIME operation to accommodate the demand from our fans on content. In MAY we will do just that.

The PCA will move out of our homes and into a Brick-and-Mortar Studio!! This allows us to create more content, live events and provide patrons with a next-level PCA experience. Our main focus areas are Patreon, the Podcast, Twitch Streaming, the Website, and WhatNot Auctions to help support our operations. Of course, that’s not everything we are planning, but we’ll save those announcements for later this year. If you’re reading this now and are not a Patron, you’ll want to change that IMMEDIATELY!


 Patreon Member Incentives

We are completely overhauling the PCA Patreon. Exclusive Content, Reward Tiers, and Discord Channels will begin updating over the next three months. Patrons will see additional exclusive videos, streams, and giveaways. Also, a TON of opportunities to help us produce episodes, be a guest, and local meet-ups/hangouts.

The PCA content calendar (releasing in April) will include All Exclusive Patreon Content, Giveaways, and Live Events. We will release a weekly Patreon exclusive podcast, unedited and uncensored (we can say bad words) releasing Saturdays. Patreon live streams and stack attack games ($25 Tier) will alternate monthly, but there are some amazing prizes.

Additionally, an update to the Restock Notification Tool in Discord is Coming Soon. We’ve worked with three separate developers to correct our recent issues and finally, it looks like we nailed it! We’re adding more retailers offering a larger number of products for everyone and the ability for patrons to submit requests. Loads of amazing stuff coming to Patreon in 2021. As stated earlier if you’re a patron the end of this year will be AMAZING!

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The PCA Podcast

Lots of great changes are coming throughout 2021. We are starting on improving the production value of the podcast. More Drops, Sounds, Segments, and professional quality will be incorporated as we move to a professional studio. I am in the process of updating our soundboard and recording equipment and you’ll notice those changes soon.

The podcast will also be featured on our content calendar. You will at a minimum receive one regular numbered episode and a Patreon Exclusive Episode every week. We’ll also add additional podcasts to the schedule as we progress through the transformation and move into our permanent space. The studio is going to be incredible and a central location for people to come to hang out and record with us.


Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is a new space for the PCA over the last six months and we’re ramping up production. As with other items in this article, Twitch will be added to the content calendar with a target of FOUR weekly streams. We will be incorporating a ton of background stuff into Twitch: Design Streams, Writing with the PCA, Hanging Out, Just Chatting, and much more. I’m most excited about our plans for Twitch. We’re planning on producing a TON of content on Twitch, especially when we have our own space.


The Pop Collectors Alliance Website

The PCA website is getting a makeover and more content is coming soon. Daily blogs (that’s me), Articles, a Fake Pop! Database Expansion and some unique Patreon content are in the works. As we update the website, you’ll start to see Patreon exclusive content popping up everywhere. Piper is also working very hard with the team to update the look and feel of the PCA with some amazing design work. I can’t wait to see the final product.


PCA Auctions on WhatNot

Because we are expanding and shifting to full-time operations, we need more funding. Insert Auctions. In recent months we started holding PCA auctions on the WhatNot App. This offers flexibility to hold an auction when our schedule supports it. These auctions support our operations, the PCA Transformation, and most importantly, the patrons. In the coming months, you will notice More Auctions, Mystery Boxes, and new PCA Merchandise. Anytime you purchase anything from the PCA you are supporting our operations! Thanks in advance!


PCA Transformation Updates

We are changing so much over the next few months and are excited to share this experience with all our supporters. I’ll post updates in the blog and on Patreon Discord to provide everyone with the most up-to-date information possible. I can’t give away all of the secrets now, but there are many more reveals ahead. Just remember to listen to our Podcast regularly, go to our Website and join Patreon, download and follow us WhatNot and Twitch, and pay attention to the Discord. 2021 Will be the best year ever for the PCA!!!!!

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