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We Are Taking A 45 Day Challenge

45 day challenge - content challenge

What is the “45 Day Challenge“? Is this the reason you are clicking on this article? Well, we are so happy that you are curious. It’s something that we made up! Didn’t see that coming did you?

So, we didn’t totally make this concept up. Instead we stole it from all of those wellness and fitness people you see on Facebook and YouTube. To break it down, the concept is you kill yourself in the gym for 45 days and you are guaranteed to see results.

Well guess what reader, we aren’t here for fitness we are here for awesome collectibles and toys and other pop culture goodies. The interesting thing about this concept, is that it might just work in other places.

45 day challenge is scary

Drum roll please — The Pop Collectors Alliance 45 Day Content Challenge. We will be producing one piece of content every day for the next 45 days. Our goal is to grow the Pop Collectors Alliance fan base, our content catalog, and social media platforms.

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Creating content has always been very difficult for us outside of the Pop Collectors Alliance Podcast. We figured that if we had an obtainable goal and accountability that we would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and achieve it! Yea I just yelled. Achieve!!!

45 day challenge live streams and more

Help us keep track of our progress and suggest content that we can produce. Leave your suggestions in the comments and we will do them. WE WILL DO THEM ALL.

45 Day Content Challenge

Dates: November 27th – Jan 11th

Day 1 (11/27): We Open FOUR Tiny Ghost Vinyl Figures
Day 2 (11/28): Patreon Only: VLOG #1 – No Breakfast Chicken, My Hero Academia, and the Pursuit of Content
Day 3 (11/29): Cute But Deadly Colossal Arthas Unboxing
Day 4 (11/30): Christmas Clatter Podcast Appearance
Day 5 (12/1): FB LIVE STREAM – Mystery Mini Unboxing
Day 6 (12/2): Adopt A Toy Charity Announcement
Day 7 (12/3): Adopt A Toy Charity LIVE!

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