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Hot Topic Periscope Recap 11/28/18

Hot Topic Periscope - Upcoming Funko releases and announcements for exclusives

Every time that there is a Hot Topic Parascope we like to break it down for our readers. On the latest Hot Topic Periscope Nerdette talks about Lilo & Stitch, Nightmare Before Christmas, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Disney, and much more. If you want to stay up-to-date on Funko news, subscribe for updates.

Lilo & Stitch Disney Treasures (NOW)

It’s official the Disney Treasures Box will be available in stores on 11/29/2018 and available online that night. The box will contain a Pop!, a Mystery Mini, a keychain, and a plush. Once the box goes live, you will be able to purchase it here:

If you would like to see spoilers of the Lilo and Stitch Box please check out our article here.

Disney Treasures Lilo and Stitch

Lock, Shock, and Barrel (12/6/18)

The next Hot Topic exclusive movie moments Pop is on its way and it will be Lock, Shock, and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Images of this figure were leaked a few weeks about but now you get a better look at the final product. This is not live yet but will be available in-store and online 12/6/18. The placeholder for Lock, Stock, and Barrel is:

Lock Stock Barrel - Hot Topic Movie Moments Funko Pop

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Kurama (Late December)

The 6″ flocked Karuma from Naruto will be hitting stores sometime in late December.  This item will be part of the Thursday releases that Hot Topic will be running in the future.

Kurama 6" Flocked Hot Topic Exclusive

Deku (Battle) and Shota in Hero Costume (December Sometime???)

This is one that a large number of anime collectors have been asking for. The Battle Damage Deku and Shota in hero gear will be re-released sometime in December 2018. The Battle Damage Deku is bound to sell out very fast so make sure you set up notifications, join a good Facebook group, or signup to be a Pop Collectors Alliance Patron so you can make sure to get notified when these 2 go live. These items will have a limited stock.

Flocked Sirius Black as Dog (12/13/2018)

Funko is at it again with another T-shirt and Pop combo. The good thing with the Sirius Black Pop is that it’s flocked, so that’s a reason to pick it up. Right? I thought so! Sirius Black will be released in stores and online on 12/13. No word if this will be limited like the Pennywise combo.

Sirius Black as Dog flocked with t-shirt combo at Hot Topic


Other Things To Note

  • All Disney Treasures boxes will be movie scene related going forward
  • New Little Mermaid Funko items are coming
  • A new horror box is coming
  • Waddles from Gravity Falls exclusive Pop will be out sometime in December 2018
  • How To Train Your Dragon 3 exclusives are scheduled to be released in very soon (next couple of months?)
  • All movie moments will be actual scenes from movies

What are your thoughts on everything that Hot Topic announced? Is there anything that you are especially excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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