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Funko Funkast Recap EP 97

The Funko Funkast

Here’s a complete recap for the Funko Funkast Episode 97. Released 1/8/2019.

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  • Sully’s favorite snack cake is a Little Debbie Swiss Roll. (When are we getting a Little Debby Ad Icon?)
  • Hillary thinks Naked and Afraid is hilarious
  • Dima asks Sully what animal is he most comfortable fighting naked, a bear? Sully responds with something bigger than a house cat but smaller than a bear = bob cat, congratulations.
  • Sully feels like the lone old guy on his street. Hooray Grandpa Sully.
  • Email questions to [email protected] (not a customer service channel)
  • Everyone on the Funkasts has no time for New Year’s Resolutions…..
  • Women of Power: Where each Funkast host selects their own Woman of Power:
    • Hillary – Lucille Ball
    • Cameron – Kathleen Kennedy
    • Amy –  Linda Belcher
    • Dima – Joan of Arc
    • Sully – Patty Jenkins
  • Funko Funkast Live Episode 100
    • At the Everette Theater
    • Jan 27th 2018
    • You’re not getting a ticket—they sold out in 9 minutes!
  • Lot’s of BackStreet and NSYNC references
  • Dima blows the show up with an all his on point sound track references
  • Amy hates Harry Potter….. or just strongly dislikes it.
  • Hillary and Cameron played Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle the card game. Cameron mentioned a little piece of information from Pottermore released last week. In the past Hogwarts did not have toilets and witches and wizards used to clean the poo with magic…. A spell that casts the waste to some mysterious poo world? I don’t want to be on the other side of that spell.
  • Oh yeah and Sully hates movies and pretty much anything on the “cloud.” I would only assume he was doing air quotes. He prefers Betamax to digital downloads and VHS to DVD!

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