Adopt A Toy Charity Event

This year at the Pop Collectors Alliance we will be holding an Adopt a Toy Charity drive!

Written By Sean Piper

December 3, 2019

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Every year here at the Pop Collectors Alliance we try and give back at Christmas time. In years past we have always held a toy drive along with a online donation drive. This always turns out really well. People love helping us give back and we love brightening someone’s day.

While digging through various collector websites I came across a very interesting concept that Martian Toys is doing, toy adoptions. A person can donate an amount of money to go towards a specific type of toy or select a mystery toy and the item will be donated in their name.

This sounded like an amazing way to allow our fans to help us give back as well as adding an interactive element to charity. We will begin the Adopt a Toy drive on the 4th of December which will all culminate with us going on a shopping spree and delivering the toys to an organization that can help us get these toys in the hands of families that truly could use help.

If you would like to donate to a family in need go here.

Sean Piper

Sean Piper

I am the Technical Editor of Pop Collectors Alliance and co-host of the Pop Collectors Alliance Podcast. I am the keeper of this fine website. Some call me Captain Strong Beard, others know me by my lack of general ability to interact with the public.
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