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What should I look for?

The Eyes and the Box

The Glow in the Dark Billy from San Diego Comicon 2014 is another one of those heavily faked Funko Pop! that are literally everywhere. Search eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Mercari, or your local swap meet and it will appear. So what is the easiest way to identify the fake Billy from Saw? It’s as easy as checking the eyes or the box. Both are extremely easy indicators to locate.

If you check the eyes of Billy the indicator that you have a fake is the shade of red. If your Billy has bright red swirles, it’s real. If your Billy has very dark and sometimes indistinguishable red swirls then it’s 100% fake. 


sdcc billy eyes real


Besides the easily distinguishable eyes, there are numerous signs on the box that you may have a fake. Take a look at your box and see if you can spot any of these things?

  • Bloody hand prints look sloppy and overly large
  • The Pop! Movies label is amuch darker red than normal.
  • The blood splatter on the back of the box is very dark.
  • Your SDCC sticker looks off. That can either be a very thick material, coloring is wrong, or design is wrong all together.

Let’s breakdown each of these issues and see what the fake vs the real Pop! looks like.

Breaking Down the Bloody Box

It’s important that we can identify if a box is fake or real. The important thing to remember is that just because a box is fake doesn’t always mean that a Pop! is fake as well. 

With the Glow in the Dark Billy box has a number of things to look for. The most obvious is either the blood splatter on the back and the blood on the plastic window.

Take a look at the back of the box, there is a large area of blood splatter. On the fake boxes the blood splatter is going to be very dark and sometimes almost a brown color. If you have a real box it will be a blood red color.

You will also notice that on the fake box the red on the “Movies” label on the top of the box is a much darker red on the fake, and a brighter red on the real box.

Blood Splatter Back Billy GITD Saw SDCC 2014



The next bloody piece of the box that you want to look out for is the bloody hand print on the right side of the box. On the authentic box you will have a hand print that is very detailed and clear. There will also be a good amount of blood spray. 

On the fake box you will have a fat hand print with very little detail. The blood splatter/spray looks like ink blots instead of blood. 


sdcc billy fake crappy detail CROPPED


White Shirt and Vest

The last clue and probably one of the smallest details on Billy to help in detecting a fake is the vest and undershirt. Take a look at the vest and undershirt. If you have a fake you will have a grey vest with a grey undershirt, and will have no blood on the this area. if you have a real Billy you will have a white undershirt and there will be some blood splatter.

GITD Billy Fake Undershirt

The Sticker

Just like with many other convention exclusives that are being faked, the sticker is always a dead giveaway. With the Glow in the Dark Billy, there are a number of identifiers that point to a fake. The original sticker design will have what looks like a peel in the bottom right and the O in Funko will be thick and less rounded. On a fake you will either see:

  •  No fold over, also called “the peel”.
  • A fold over in the wrong place.
  • The O in Funko being very thin or very rounded



sdcc billy sticker fake ver2


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