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Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta is an incredibly popular Funko Pop! that is popping up as a fake all over the Internet. To identify this Pop! you just have to look at the details.

What should I look for?

The Majin Vegeta fake is fairly easy to spot if you know what to look for. The thing that makes this a difficult Pop! to identify though, is the fact that the differences are very slight. You have to have an eagle eye to spot them. Luckily there are enough differences that there is a good number of thigns to look for.

Front of the Box

On the front of the box there are a number of issues on the fake Majin Vegeta. The first and easiest indicator is the location of the Dragon Balls. On the authentic Pop! there will be a Dragon Ball in the pattern right above the word Dragon Ball. On the fake you will not have a Dragon Ball in the pattern.

Alternatively on the fake, you will notice Dragon Balls in the pattern behind the Pop! nameplate. On the authentic Pop! there are no Dragon Balls in the patter. 

Majin Vegeta Box Top Real



Next, take a look at the Majin Vegeta character artwork. On the fakes there is an error where there is a gap between the white trim around the window and the illustration. On the authentic Pop! you will not have this error. On the fake you will also have poor pixel quality and pixelation on the illustration.

The Over 9000.com Sticker

Something that can be easily overlooked is the Over 9000 exclusive sticker, especially if you have never seen an authentic sticker up close. The authentic should be metallic on the “9000”, also on the fake the orange color is a darker red.



Majin Vegeta Pop!

Take a look at the skin color of Majin Vegeta. If you have a fake you will notice that the skin tone has more of a red tone to it. The black scratches on his face also look much closer together. On the authentic Pop! you will have very clean and spaced out scratches. If you look at the eyes, the real Majin Vegeta has very clean lines while the fake has a lot of spill over onto the face.

Majin Vegeta Close Up Real



Bottom of the Box

Finally, if you check the bottom of the box you should see the manufacturer stamp should be inset. If you have a fake Majin Vegeta this stamp will look embossed (pressed from the inside). 

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