The Crow (Glow in the Dark)

The Crow (Glow in the Dark)
Glow in the Dark The Crow Fake

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How to Identify the Fake?

• Typography is too square on the word "Movies".
• Text under the word "The Crow" is blurry.
• Coloring on the box is dull on the fakes.
• On the back of the box the copyright information is too close to the bottom.
• Open the bottom flap of the box and a real will read "5005_GlowCrowPOP"
• On the real version the words "Glow in the Dark" should be bright green.
• The face on the fake appears to be semi transparent.
• On the fake only the head glows, on the real version the eyes and the head glow.
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The Box

Just like with many other fake Pop! the first place that you will find discrepancies is in the product line typography. In this case a fake will usually have a square type face as opposed to a more rounded one on the authentic Pop!

The next area where you will find issues is in the text underneath the words “The Crow”. If you have a fake Pop! you will notice that the words look blurry, appear to be smaller than normal (compare with another Funko Pop! box), and have more or an orange color.

Many times on the fake boxes you will also notice that the coloring and print quality is off on the Pop! art. In the case of The Crow the real will have more of a grey/black coloring. The fake box will look bore blue/black.

If you check the back your your box at the bottom where the copyright information is located. If you have a fake box, this text will be very close to the white trim. The real box will have a small gap between the text and the white trim.

Another thing to look for is the Pop! logo and the number on the back. Both of these elements are far too large.

Check the side of your The Crow box. Does the text look funny? In a fake you will notice that the letters are spaced too far apart and don’t use the correct font.

BONUS: If you are feeling adventurous pop open the bottom lip of the box. If you have the authentic Pop! you will find a description of the item. The fake will not have the label inside the bottom flap.

Finally you can check the bottom of your box. If you still have a sticker that says JJL 140912. Some of the fakes also have this sticker. The easiest way to determine if it’s a fake is if the font is very thing. The picture below is an authentic sticker.

The Exclusive Sticker

With the Hot Topic exclusive sticker the fake Glow in the Dark The Crow will have a cheaper looking black background on the sticker. The words “Glow in the Dark” will appear to be the color yellow and on the authentic these words will appear in green.

The Pop!

Check your Pop! out of the box if possible. It will be much easier to identify, but not necessary. There are 2 key ways to identify on the physical Pop! if it’s legit or a fake. The first area is the eyes. Are the whites of the eyes the same texture/material/color as the rest of the head? A fake will have the whites of the eyes painted white. Also the whites of the eyes will not glow on the fake.

The next thing you can check is the necklace. On a fake the pendant on the neck will look like a solid coin. The authentic Pop! will have a ring (the center of the pendant is open).


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