Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black

Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black
Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black

Pop! Series

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How to Identify the Fake?

• Typography on the “Animation” label on the box is incorrect.
• Colors on the box look faded.
• On the eyes of the fake the paint goes outside of the eye and onto the head.
• The earring of the real Pop! is green and gold, the fake is all green.
• White foot stamp on the real.
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The Box

The box on this exclusive figure provides the first hint as to whether your Pop! is fake or authentic. You can see first that the classic error in typography on the “Animation” label is present, and the type else where is thinner on the fake than on the original. There are also some additional issues with the colors on the boxes. The box for the fake Pop! has a duller color palette than on the original and the detailing is much less crisp. You can especially see the difference in the colors in the artwork on the sides of the boxes. You can also see that the artwork on the fake box has softer details.

The Head

There are two key differences you can not on the head of the figure as well. The first is on the eyes. On the authentic Pop! the gray paint on the eye is only on the eye itself. On the fake figure, you can clearly see that the paint runs off of the eye and onto the skin.

You can also see a clear difference on the earring. On the authentic Pop! the earring is green and gold, whereas on the fake the earring is entirely green and the paint overflows the earring somewhat as well.

There is also slightly different coloration on the skin and hair between the fake and the authentic figures, but the eyes and earring are the most apparent differences.

The Feet

One last glaring difference between the fake and authentic figures can be seen on the feet. Unlike the other differences spotting this requires you to unbox the figure, but it can provide final confirmation of the authenticity of your purchase. The authentic Pop! figure has a white foot stamp on the bottom, but on a fake this will often be absent. Again, this will require you to open the figure and the other differences should be obvious enough that you can spot the fake without needing to look for this, and without opening the box.

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