Metallic Beerus SDCC 2016

Metallic Beerus SDCC 2016

Pop! Series

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How to Identify the Fake?

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The Box

Just like with many other fake Pop! the first place that you will find discrepancies is in the product line typography. In this case you can see it most clearly on the SDCC Exclusive sticker. The authentic Pop! features a darker shade of yellow on the background as well as crisper imaging and bolded type on the logo. The logo on the fake is pixelated and the type isn’t bolded.

The Head

There are also significant differences that can be noted on the head of the figure. In the authentic Pop! the features on the head are more defined, whereas the features on a fake are more smooth and rounded. The earring on the fake is also in a different place, even with the top of the head where it is slightly above the top of the head on the real Pop!. The placement of the figure within the box is also noticeably different. The eyebrow will be basically even with the earring on the figure printed on the box.

The Arms and Belt

Additional discrepancies can be found in the position of the arms and on the belt. The fisted arm on the real Pop! is held closer to the body than on a fake. On the belt, the fake will have a shiny finish instead of a matte and the bottom diamond is a much darker shade; more brown than the orange on the original.

Tail and Feet

Much like the arm on the fake figure, the tail of the fake will also swing out further away from the body than on the authentic Pop!.

The production stamp may or may not be present on the fake and many of the fakes have a stamp beginning with “LF…”. However, there is some debate that some authentic ones have similar numbers. The many other indicators will provide you with a clear idea of the authenticity of your figure before you ever need to pull it out of the box to look at the feet.


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