Jason Voorhees Unmasked SDCC

Jason Voorhees Unmasked SDCC

Pop! Series

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How to Identify the Fake?

• The real Pop! will have a dirty face.
• The fake has glossy gloves.
• Bottom of the feet on the fake will have a A202.
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The Face and Gloves

The first area to look at is the face. The authentic Unmasked Jason Voorhees has a very complex color and shading mixture. A fake is not going to come close to the same coloring and in fact will look flat and lacking in detail. The authentic will actually have a very dirty finish to it.

The next item to look for is going to be the gloves. Just like with the face, the gloves will have a flat leather black color. The fake will have jet black and glossy gloves.

Bottom of the Feet

The tale-tell sign for most fake Funko Pop! is going to be the bottom of the feet. Check the bottom of the Pop! if you see A202 this is bad and you have a fake. If you see A285 you have an authentic.

The Box

  • When looking at the box there are a number of key indicators that Jason Voorhees is a fake. The 3most obvious are the box art quality, the sticker, and the typography.
  • The font on the Pop! line is one of the easiest ways to tell if you have a fake. Look at the letter “M” on “Movie”. If it’s rounded it’s real, squared off means you have a fake.
  • Look at the number on the box. Are the numbers short and fat or tall and slightly skewed? The real Pop! will have taller numbers.
  • A fake Jason will have very soft shading on the box art, this is wrong. The original will have no shading.
  •  Just like on majority of the fake convention exclusives, the fake will have a poorly printed sticker. In this case it’s fairly easy to tell due to the bright red being off. The thickness and print quality are also dead giveaways.
  • The phrase “FIGURA DE VINIL” should be slightly off-center on an original. A fake will have this centered.


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