Emerald City Comicon Wave 5: TV

Emerald City Comicon wave 5 is all about your favorite television shows. In this wave we have Game of Thrones, Dr Who, and Stranger things.

Emerald City Comicon Wave 3: Disney

Funko keeps throwing all the things at us today. Emerald City Comicon wave 3 is all about Disney. Moana, Toy Story, and a backpack were just announced. Let’s all remember being a shapeshifting demigod is a tough life and we all tend to get a bit rusty after we take a break. WE NEVER TAKE A BREAK! Let’s check out …

Emerald City Comicon Wave 1: Marvel

Funko has released Emerald City Comicon wave 1 and it’s a bunch of Marvel goodies. In this first wave, we get She-Hulk as a layer, Deadpool Duck, and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy. Nothing like Funko giving us a little bit of humor for the first glance of Emerald City Comicon.