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Top Ten Harry Potter Funko Pop! From a Harry Potter Fanatic

Top 10 Harry Potter Pop!

I’ve accepted the fact that Funko owns me and has taken over my home, which is currently stuffed full of their products. Since I first came across Pop! I realized it would inevitably become an obsession. Mainly because Funko is constantly acquiring licenses to awesome new Pop! lines, but also I’m an obsessive Harry Potter fan and believe that line of products will never end.

It seems just as I place the last Harry Potter Pop! I’m missing on the shelf, Funko releases another wave. Then I spend the next week trying to convince myself “I don’t need to complete the collection, I don’t need to complete the collection!” This never works and the hunt for Harry Potter Pop! ensues.

I try to objectively view most of Funko Pop! as just a collection of vinyl characters that are adorably built no matter how scary they’re meant to be (even my Xenomorph pop is cute). However, that Harry Potter line isn’t just boxes of adorably formed lumps of Vinyl and paint, but a small compact dose of pure joy for my muggle soul.

Whenever I discover a new Harry Potter Pop! Mystery Mini, Pop! Ride, movie moments, etc. has been released, I have anxiety until they are in my possession. I’m literally a Harry Potter Pop! Junkie and I don’t think they offer rehab for this yet. Which is fantastic, because if I’m locked away for treatment there will be no way for me to get all the latest releases.

Some might find that level of obsessiveness to be scary, like the rabid fangirls of 90’s boybands scary, or they might be right there with me. Either way, any avid Pop! collector can relate on how daunting it can be to pick out your favorite Pop! from your favorite line. However, it must be done, so I will move along to the very difficult task of listing my favorite Top Ten Harry Potter Pops.

So as most Harry Potter Pop! collectors can agree, there haven’t been any releases that can really be called disappointing. Therefore, not making it on this list doesn’t mean I dislike the character, just that I like others more. Well, unless it’s Umbridge, because honestly who doesn’t hate her? Not that I let that hate keep me from completing my set, I’ve learned to tolerate the fact that she is part of the Harry Potter collection and hating her won’t make her go away.

You know, kind of how Catelyn Stark feels about Jon Snow.

#10 Bellatrix Lestrange Prisoner Hot Topic Exclusive

The top ten countdown starts with the mad witch, Bellatrix Lestrange, and not just in her classic black witches robes but in her dirty ill-fitting striped Prison robe. Why? Because Helena Boneham Carter played her so well as an obsessive nutjob, and no better scene supports that image then when she is standing on the edge of a crumbling Azkaban cackling into the wind and rain.

# 9 Draco in Quidditch Robes – Hot Topic Exclusive

Why Draco… well because I love him. I have no shame. Them Malfoys are as smooth as butter and just as slippery. He is a cliche spoiled rich boy and there’s nothing more arrogant than him in his quidditch robes. It’s a happy reminder of when he was just an all talk bully before turning into a tortured Teen. This doesn’t negate my need for Draco in his Emo all black suit but it represents a time when Draco thought threatening to tattle to his dad was actually intimidating.

# 8 Severus Snape as Boggart – New York Comic Con Exclusive

Now let it be known there isn’t a single character in the story who’s sacrifice to the cause is more dedicated than Snape. I will always picture him as Alan Rickman with that impossibly captivating drawl. However, it’s this Pop! that gets me. Not just because it’s such a random and unique moment from the series but because he is rocking that old lady outfit with confidence. Even looking like a badly dressed drag queen he still has superiority to him that can make the average person feel like a useless waste of space.

# 7 Tom Riddle: Common and the Sepia Target Exclusive

Yes, I’m still on the death eaters but can you blame me? The books always state how charismatic Voldemort was in his youth and seeing him as a teenager can help you picture him as that handsome terrifying young leader assembling his original Death Eaters with promises of power. He is a poor orphan kid who gained power over the most influential and powerful purebloods in the wizarding world. It’s a story that most fans would love to see, minus all the torture and murder of course.

# 6 Basilisk Target Exclusive

Now this Pop! Is all about the look. Yes, a giant seemingly immortal snake that can kill with a look at the command of his psychotic master is interesting.  However, it is one of the few creatures in the original Harry Potter series that is thoroughly fleshed out and is given an impressive presence on the screen. Even at 6-inches the enormity of this creature is displayed through its proportions with the big teeth and gold eyes. With this Pop!, it’s all about the details that make it stand out.

# 5 Dobby 10-inch Target Exclusive

Dobby is a clear fan favorite of the Harry Potter series. He’s a little guy who fights against the bonds of his enslavement to ensure savior of the wizarding world survives. He saves Harry more than once and his last scene makes you feel like you’re cutting onions in prison. Yet, that’s not the reason I love this particular Pop! If the character alone was the deciding factor I would have loved Dobby’s regular sized Pop! just as much.

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However, there is nothing regular about this figure. His big bat like ears resulted in the biggest Pop! box sold on a commercial level. Normal I would fight that a 10-Inch figure doesn’t need to stay in box but in this case the box is as impressive as its contents, every time I find myself looking at it I can’t help but think “Daamn that’s a big Bit…. Box”

# 4 Lucius Malfoy Holding Prophecy FYE Exclusive

Yeah I’m back with a Malfoy but for a good reason, Jason Isaacs, the man is a serious Dilf. I actually had him autograph my pop of him during a comic con and he was, as expected, much nicer than his character but still had that aristocratic air about him. Where Draco is a spoiled rich boy, his dad is a suave charismatic man who reeks of old money.

Where most death eaters are mad and unnecessarily violent he knows how to adapt to the situation. That scene in the department of mysteries where he calmly asks Harry for the Prophecy ball as if he only wants to help him, shows just how Slytherin he really is. Plus, the fact that his eyes are half lidded makes it feel like even his pop thinks he’s too good for you.

# 3 Hermione Granger Brewing Potion Hot Topic Exclusive

Let it be known, even though her Pop! isn’t #1, she is my favorite character. I don’t even know where to start with her, she is so amazing in so many ways. She entered a foreign world and culture and quickly managed to surpass her peers who were born into it. She’s fiercely loyal and brave, Gryffindor through and through. She always thinks ahead but not for her own needs but for the ones she loves, like Harry, Ron and especially her parents.

But the most defining characteristics of Hermione is displayed in this Pop, her tilted head that seems like she’s exasperated but not with her potion, that’s not even bothering her, like potion making is already second nature to her. I imagine her as addressing some question she deems stupid with her swotty voice, all while sitting on the floor uncaring of her clothes or image because  she has much more important issues to focus on. Add in the adorable and detailed little ingredient bottles and I am in love with this Pop!

# 2 Harry Potter in Robes with Hedwig Hot Topic Exclusive

There he goes, the boy wonder himself, Harry Potter. I had no doubt I wanted him on my list but it was difficult to chose just which version of him I wanted. Then I came across this one and remembered the scene from the movie and remembered how much it moved me. This poor kid had it bad from day one.

Born into a war, orphaned at age 1, raised by family that treated him at CPS code red levels and yet, he is still sweet Harry Potter. Simple and uncomplicated (not counting angsty book 5) and eternally grateful for all kindness given to him. In this scene, he is alone out in the snowy grounds of Hogwarts spending some time with his first pet and he is simply content and peaceful.

He’s not smug that now he has money and is famous, or that his magic makes him more powerful than the Dursey’s for once, he’s just relieved to be somewhere where he feels like he belongs. For once life is going right for him… and no I’m not crying! You’re crying!

# 1 Luna Lovegood With Glasses San Diego/Summer Comicon Exclusive

Lovely Loony Luna Lovegood has one of the most interesting character builds in and out of the novels. The actress Evanna Lynch who plays her, reflected the characterization of Luna so well that JK Rowling continued to write her character to match the portrayal delivered by Evanna and not the other way around.

I had read all the novels written so far, way before the movies were announced and she is the one character that made me think, that’s exactly what I expected her to look and act like. Her pop is just as bright and different as her character. There aren’t any Harry Potter Pops I find to be more colorful, detailed and interesting than her.

I literally stared as this Pop! taking in every feature for a good 5 minutes when I first held it and those glasses and radish earrings made me smile like a loon. When I opened her pocket Pop from this year’s advent calendar, I giggled and walked around admiring her tiny detailed cuteness until I became afraid I would lose her and quickly put her up on the shelves safe from the feral wild life, a.k.a. my kids and dogs. If she was real, she and I would be best friends because she’s the only one who wouldn’t be scared off by obsessive weirdness.

So there’s our top ten from a verified Harry Potter fanatic. I wish I can wax poetically about my next ten favorites but that’s enough for now. I will just wait patiently for my next wave of Harry Potter Pop! that will hopefully have more Weasleys, professors, creatures, the remaining Malfoys, Patronus movie moments, Tonks… you know nothing specific. I wouldn’t want Funko to think I’m too demanding.

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