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Top 10 Game of Thrones Characters we need as Pop!


Game of Thrones has been a part of everyone’s life for 15 years, starting with the books and then transitioning over to the HBO Series (and whatever you call Season 8). You build relationships with characters over that time span and want to see all of them in Funko Pop! form.  This made the process of choosing my top ten list so difficult, mainly because Funko has overlooked so many important characters.

For that reason, I decided to include a LONG list of Honorable Mentions, to cover as many characters as possible. Let’s hope Funko decides to expand the line for both SDCC and NYCC so we can check a few more characters off this list. 

Please note that all villains were intentionally omitted from this list, since there’s more than enough villains to merit their own list. Let us know what you think of this list in the comments below, please include your own Top 10 Lists. I would love to see what everyone chooses. 

Honorable Mentions 

Try to say all these names in one breath….. Edmure Tully, Euron Greyjoy, Alliser Thorne, Hot Pie, Daario Naharis, Jojen Reed, Roose Bolton, King Tomen, The High Sparrow, Lyanna Stark, Arthur Dayne, Shireen Baratheon, The Sand Snakes, Loras Tyrell, Barristan Selmy, Ilyn Payne, Walder Frey, Maester Aemon, Joer Mormont, Rhaegar Targaryen, King Aerys (The Mad King), Young Ned Stark, Ellaria Sand, Lord of Bones, Gilly, Janos Slynt, Night’s Watch Traitors Hanging 4-Pack, and Qhorin Halfhand. (Patch Face but it’s a book thing)

It’s a long but fair list, mainly because I feel there is an argument to be made for all these characters. But at least Funko has a list long enough to make characters and variants for the next 10 years. 

10B. Dire Wolves (Summer, Shaggy Dog, and Lady)

Funko just has to commit to completing this set, since they’re halfway there already. Even though Shaggy Dog, Summer and especially Lady didn’t have the longest life span on the show, they played crucial roles for their respective Stark family member. Funko recently released Nymeria and the complete set as Dorbs, which would lead us all to believe they will finish the Pop! set sooner rather than later. 

10A. Thoros of Myr 

Of Course, everyone’s favorite top knot wearing drunken Red Priest deserves his own Pop! Thoros has done it all from assisting Arya on the King’s Road, selling Gendry to Melisandre, being forever buzzed along his journey, leading the charge during the Siege of Pyke with his flaming sword, to dying by zombie polar bear mauling. Thoros gave his life protecting the realm and influenced many others across the realm. What better way to honor his memory than in Pop! form. 

Image result for game of thrones Thoros of Myr

9. Night’s Watch Homies (Pyp, Edd, Grenn) 

Funko could do this as a three-pack SDCC Exclusive or individually, either way it would be awesome. Jon’s original crew has a special place in Westeros history. Grenn and Pyp died fighting the wildlings, Grenn especially, he was the true MVP of that battle. As for Edd, he died fighting the undead army. You remember the army of the dead Game of Thrones built up as the ultimate threat to the realm for 8 seasons. Then had them defeated in one night, with a Michael Jordan dagger dunk….. (salty). RIP Edd. 

8. Robert Baratheon 

The King of Wine and Gluttony, he drinks, and doesn’t know things; Killed by a boar and beloved by no one, some may even say USURPER! (Nailed it). My favorite Robert Baratheon show moment was him telling Cersei that he didn’t love her, it was such a great scene between the two characters. Much like Elvis, Funko could choose the young, strong, war hammer wielding version or the lazy, overweight, wine drinking version. I would prefer a gored by a boar version, but that’s why they don’t let me choose the Pop! characters. 

7. Catelyn Stark

I don’t think this would’ve been an issue if HBO had decided to go the Lady Stoneheart route. Sadly, they side stepped that story line and just let Catelyn die at the red wedding. If you feel lost, I’d recommend reading the books. As the fierce mother wolf, she should be ranked higher on this list but unfortunately her time on the show was limited. Even though her character was short lived she did all she could to protect and avenge her family, which is why she made this list.  

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6. Mance Rayder 

The King Beyond the Wall, former Crow and human shish kabob, Mance Rayder, comes in at number 6. Funko needs to show more wildling love and Mance is a great start. Mance was one of my favorite characters on the show and Ciarán Hinds did an amazing job portraying him. Mance was responsible for assembling all the wilding clans, leading the attack on the wall, and the main reason Jon allowed the Free Folk through the wall (don’t forget Ygritte). Sorry Shireen, there’s only room for one shish kabob on this list. 

5. Meera Reed 

I had to select one Reed child, so I went with the one who wasn’t blown up by a Children of the Forest Glitter Bomb. Meera is the ultimate protector and beyond the wall survivalist. She kept Bran safe and after all their struggles, bumps, bruises, scars and lost siblings along the journey, how does Bran reward her? He tells her he’s changed and really doesn’t require her assistance any longer. Then we never see her again. What a _____. (Fill in that blank) Thanks HBO. Poor Meera Reed. 

4. Brynden Tully “The Blackfish”

If you require an archer for your floating funeral pyre don’t call Edmure, call the Blackfish Brynden Tully, long bow extraordinaire, master of sarcasm, scene-stealer and all-around hilarious curmudgeon. The Blackfish has one of the best interactions on the show when he meets with Jaime Lannister on the drawbridge at Riverrun. Clive Russell always steals the scene when he is on screen. I wish he could have survived the siege and made it to Winterfell to carve up the undead army. 

3. Benjen Stark “Coldhands”

Jon Snow’s and Aegon Targaryen’s uncle, he may fall at number three on this list but number one as senseless deaths on the show. He can put Bran and Meera on a horse and ride to safety, but Jon Snow is just too much to carry? Come on man! While Benjen had single digit screen time he rescued characters crucial to securing the safety of Westeros. He’s like the rat from Avengers: End Game if you think about it. For being a true dragon glass heart, lantern twirling, undead hero, Coldhands lands at number three. 

2. Podrick Payne 

Women of the evening will not accept his money (ask Bronn), he’s rescued everyone on the show once, and he is distant cousin to Ser Ilyn Payne (the guy who chopped Ned’s head off). He is the humble Podrick Payne, Squire level 1,000. There’s a good argument that he should have landed at the top of the list, especially with Theon Greyjoy being removed, but our number one is just as great. Podrick is beloved by everyone and worked hard to save the Realm and for his efforts he is rewarded by pushing Bran around in a wheel chair…. Winning! (Thanks Season 8)

1. Missandei 

Missandei’s character arc makes me think everyone who was on Daenerys’s side ended up screwed (except Tyrion). Do the math. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Jon Snow = back on the Wall, Messandei = Headless, Varys = Overbaked Cookie, Grey Worm = Banished (technically), Jorah Mormont = Dead then Crispy and the list goes on and on. Messandei was loyal, knew a billion languages, had courage, loved Ken Dolls (think hard and you’ll laugh), and was one of the bravest characters on the show. In the end she should have yelled Valar Morghulis instead of Dracarys but that’s just me. PS: I hate the accent they give her on the audio books…. WTF 

Now we know others may choose a completely different group of characters but this is our Top 10 Game of Thrones Characters who need a Pop! What do you think? Did I get it wrong? Do you like human shish kabobs? Or do you completely agree? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the Top 10 Game of Thrones Villains who need a Pop! NOW! 



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