December 2017

Funko and PEZ teaming up to bring a brand new line of Funko themed PEZ dispensers and other products, a Gibson lawsuit, and how Chris Hardwick turns a bad situation around for everyone.
Funko Decided to kill the short-lived Queue software and apparently, Chris Hardwick sold 10,000 items of a 1000 piece limited edition Pop!
The Funko Shop’s apparent queue problem and offer their solution to the problem.
This episode the Pop! Collectors Alliance team discusses their damaged shipments received from the Black Friday orders, what wrong with the new 10″ Hulk Pop!, some of their Black Friday finds and a special announcement for the first Live Cost Plus Shipping Event!
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Target Updates Rules

Quick pick-up video plus an update on Target’s rules. Target is changing how they sell their exclusive Funko Pop! on release days.